Operations consulting

Operations consulting

Know the keys to the management of your establishment and make the smartest decisions.

Document in which information relevant to your business is collected. First part of general and economic analysis, competition, traditional 4P’s marketing analysis (product, price, distribution and advertising), segmentation, etc. Numerical analysis of the business in three scenarios.

Cost analysis of each of the dishes that make up the offer of your business, in the case of restaurants.

With our cost management system and the scandals of each dish we will be able to have a balanced and profitable menu.

Ideal staffing of your business and staff cost scorecard based on expected demand. Based on the annual budget and adapted to each business.

Indicators of your business management. Those key points that show you how the company works.

A numerical document on which to base whether the business is operating within the objectives. It helps you to check periodically, at least after the end of each month, all management indicators (KPI’s).

Optimized management of your business revenue. Analysis of demand and anticipation of bookings in order to, through an appropriate pricing policy and booking conditions, aim for the highest possible revenue in a given period of time.

Sales techniques to sell products or services of greater value or complementary to products already purchased. We have a methodology based on email marketing and tailored to your business. Guaranteed results.

Total quality concept, Gemba walks, efficient management of a HORECA business, process automation, lean services. The customer is the center of the business. User experience and customer journey from the moment they make the reservation in your establishment until they consume the service.

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